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Confident Decision Making

Virtual Reality in Design

Virtual Design and VR allows you great versatility in planning while also eliminating the many pitfalls when it comes to communicating that vision in your head.


  • Detailed and inch-accurate softcopy 3d model.

  • Cloud stored information in Virtual Reality format (accessible through your smartphone).

  • Fully customised Structured planning sessions with real-time VR editing.

  • detailed measurements for workers

  • Customised animated walkthroughs and animation videos in 4k resolution.

  • Photorealistic images / renders.

  • Optimised file formats (for 3d printing)

  • Complimentary Virtual Reality viewing device.


  • communication gaps.

  • waste of precious resources.

  • unforeseen practicalities.

  • Miscalculation of raw material requirements (quantities)

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Architectural Design

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Experience your ideas in an alternate reality. 

Use Virtual Reality to remove guess-work from planning, building and enlivening your space, be it a multi-story home, office or tree house. Our services don't replace a contractor or architect. We bridge the communication gap in between.

VR how it works

How it works

The Virtual Design Process

Virtual Design and Planning session


Connect with our creative team and create a virtual model of your vision.


Bring your vision to life in the virtual world. Design the look you want in micro detail. In VR, do all the problem solving and fine tuning required to refine your vision.

Structured planning sessions

Using virtual reality, jump into your design and physically inhabit the space as if it were already real.


You can run experiments with colour schemes, furniture arrangement, sizes and positions of various elements within the project and feel out what design suits your needs the best.

QR Coded Turbit reference sheets

QR coded
reference sheets

From the Virtual model,  create floor plans, detailed measurements for your contractor, animated walkthroughs and photorealistic renders. All these components can be accessed conveniently from our scannable reference sheets using your smart phone. No additional apps required!

Cloud based
access- anytime, anywhere

Using cloud based Technology, you can access this Virtual model at any time via your phone or computer.

QR-code how to scan image
Virtual inspection of Event Venue

Briefing and Presentations

The revolutionary nature of VR is most apparent when you are attempting to communicate an idea to your team, your contractor, an investor / funding agency or friends and family. Nothing communicates more effectively than a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience.

PRO TIP: In case you require team Turbit to run a VR briefing or presentation on your behalf, contact us here.

Our newest exciting feature allows you to experience your design and navigate and interact within it as if it were a Game.


Using your desktop or laptop, you can move around freely using a console game controller or keyboard and mouse. No special software or downloads required! It can be accessed through your browser.

Living Room

Gamification of VR


  • Loading times may vary based on your Internet connection speed.

  • Game function works only on PC or Mac web browser (Laptop and Desktop only)


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