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Turbit Virtual Reality Design Hub

Turbit Virtual Reality

The power to plan digitally

Our Virtual Reality Design Hub is designed to let you design. Weather you are planning a restaurant layout, a house, a table, a wedding or a concert venue, our VR design solutions give you more creative control, flexibility and better communication with your partners/stakeholders. While at the same time it will help you avoid logistical pitfalls and waste of time, money and resources.

Experience your ideas, make them work.

Turbit Architectural Design


Use Virtual Reality to plan, build, budget and enlivening your space, be it a multi-story home, office or tree house.

vr services
Turbit Interior Design


Visualise your interiors, experiment with different setups, lighting, colour and other design elements. 

Turbit Virtual Reality Events


Pull off amazing events of all types by using Virtual Reality toplan your decor, co-ordinate with your team and even promote your event. 

Turbit Virtual Reality for Artists

Virtual Reality
for artists

A revolution in storytelling and creativity, Virtual Reality blows the lid off of what the limits are when creating captivating and immersive art.

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