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Turbit Virtual Reality Artists

Virtual Reality
for artists

A revolution in creativity, Virtual reality blows the lid off of what the limits are, when creating art that captivates. 

Otherworldly creativity

Creating in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a revolution and a revelation for creators everywhere. Be it Virtual Design and Prototyping or creating art in this new medium, our VR services create an immersive world that will allow you to redefine what it means to create imaginatively. It is a game changer for "the drawing board". VR is the concept of "think on paper" on steroids.


  • Art

  • Game asset design

  • Product design 

  • Immersive Story Telling

  • Modelling for 3d Printing

How it works

The Virtual Creation Process

For budding VR creators, professionals with past experience or just those are curious to see what the fuss is all about, the Turbit VR Design Hub affords you 3 options to engage with our facilities.



Gain access to our VR dev facility on a rental basis (either hourly or daily).

Design and create to your heart's content. Once done, download your work files from our servers and take it home.  Post it on social media, import it into other design software or get it 3d printed.


We provide regular Crash courses to help you understand how to create for Virtual Reality. Learn the basics and hit the ground running.

Turbit Virtual Reality Workshop

Learn It yourself.

 Gain access to our VR dev facility on a rental basis (either hourly or daily).

Using online resources or/and our tutorial databank, teach yourself the process of VR creation.

Artists How it works
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