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Turbit makerspace in shillong and Jorhat

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space for makers

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Our services

Our goal is to promote creativity and enable the community to be creative by providing an environment that encourages creativity and also providing the necessary tools and guidance.


We lay emphasis on Virtual Reality, 3d printing and similar types of technology to increase efficiency in thinking, planning, and creating. And also to decrease wastages of time, money and our limited earthly resources.

Virtual Reality icon with model is vr headset

Virtual Design Hub

This is your one stop resource for consequence-free, highly creative planning and visualisation. Guided by our team, design and experience your ideas here.

Pro tip: Sign-up for our crash course if you want to learn how to use and create for Virtual Reality

Girl and dog looking at Design thinking icon

Design Thinking

Learn the techniques and 'hacks' that will enable you to think creatively. Learn to generate ideas from scratch, or polish the ideas you already have. 

Different course structures available for children, young adults and corporates.

Woman looking at Rapid Prototyping icon Turbit Makerspace Shillong Jorhat

Rapid Prototyping

Have a wild idea that might just work, but you need to test it out in the real world? Work through the trial-and-error process at our Rapid Prototyping station. 

Pro tip: Combine this with virtual reality to really get things cooking!

Girl with computer and 3d printing icon Turbit Makerspace Shillong Jorhat Digital Shop

Digital Shop

Make use of the latest in modern-day technology such as 3d printing, laser cutting and CNC to create almost anything you can think of. 

Pro tip: Join our crash courses and learn to create your own designs and objects! Don't just take the fish, learn how to fish (digitally speaking)!

Art installation in front of Turbit Makerspace Shillong Jorhat Creative Space

Creator Space

This is the wide open, loosy-goosey section where you can try your hand at multiple "Maker" activities. Everything from painting and sculpting, all the way up to woodworking and metal welding, we got you covered.

Pro tip: If there is anything you want to try, tell us! We will try to accommodate all your creative cravings.

Parent showing girl arduino and RoboticsIconTurbit Makerspace Shillong Jorhat Arduino and Micro-Controller based Robotics

Arduino and Robotics

Who doesn't want their own robot army? Make use of our Robotics section and learn the basics of making your own gadgets, robots and more. 



Jorhat Makerspace

and empowered by:

Turbit Makerspace Shillong Jorhat LOGO

Coming soon!

Shillong Makerspace

Origin story


This is where the first makerspace began. And, through the miracle of Virtual Reality, you can actually, literally visit this first Beta-tested version of our makerspace! 


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